The Most Trusted Backup Solution Available For WHM Resellers.

Root access not required!

Leased License - $7.98 Per Year
Leased License - Per Year

Protect Your Valuable Data

Are you currently running your internet business on a reseller hosting account powered by WHM? If yes, there is a good chance that the fate of your entire business lies in the hands of your hosting provider. Take back control with WHMEasyBackup.

WHMEasyBackup is a simple yet powerful web script designed to automate the backup process of your entire WHM based reseller account. With WHMEasyBackup every domain in your reseller account is effortlessly backed up to the location of your choice. Backups can be scheduled as often as you like and stored wherever you choose.

WHMEasyBackup v7.1

  • Eliminate Total Dependence on Your Reseller Provider
  • Create A Backup Of Every Account Within Your WHM Account
  • Backup Selected Users Based On username, hosting package, domain, account owner or IP
  • Exclude Specific Users From Backup.
  • Full support for PHP 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 (plus 5.6, 7.0 & 7.1)
  • Authenticate With API Token, Hash Key, or WHM Password
  • Control Server Load With Customizable Backup Spacing.
  • Store Files Via Local Storage, FTP, Passive FTP, or SCP
  • Host Script Securely On Your Own Hosting Account (No Need To Give A Third Party Access To Your WHM Account).
  • Instant Delivery! (Product delivered via email)

Looking For Inexpensive Backup Storage?

Leased License - Per Year
System Requirements
- WHM/cPanel 11.38+ Reseller Account
- PHP 5.6+ With Curl & JSON Support
- IonCube Loader v10+ Support
- Ability To Create Cron Job (Scheduled Task)
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I backup client accounts even if I don't know the password?
Absolutely! WHMEasyBackup automatically creates a backup of every domain in your WHM based reseller account using only your WHM login details.

Where are my backups stored?
WHMEasyBackup gives you the flexibility to store your backups anywhere you choose. Easily store backups on a backup hosting account, low cost VPS, or even on your own home pc. WHMEasyBackup is compatible with standard FTP, Passive FTP and SCP protocols.

How often can I backup my accounts?
As often as you like. WHMEasyBackup automates backups with the help of a cron job (scheduled task). This provides you with complete control over the frequency of your backup. Backup every hour, every day, or every week the choice is yours.

Can I selectively backup my hosting accounts?
Absolutely! WHMEasyBackup allows you to create multiple configuration files. Each config file can be used to backup a selected group of users based on account username, hosting package, primary domain name, account owner or IP address.

Can I try WHMEasyBackup before buying?
Absolutely! We currently offer a limited free trial. Our free trial is limited to 3 hosting accounts (The trial script will only backup the first three accounts found in your WHM based reseller account ). To download our free trial script click here.

User Testimonials
Rolland H. KA USA
WHMEasyBackup is perfect for my needs. Your product has allowed me to keep overhead low but remain in control of my backups. I now know that my design business is safe even if my host suddenly disappears. Peace of mind doesn't have a price tag.

Steve L., MA USA
WHMEasyBackup gives me the freedom to backup my critical data as often as I think is needed. After using WHMEasyBackup I wouldn't recommend using a WHM reseller account without it!

Nikhil A., Orissa IN
When I started researching the backup solutions available for my company, security was my number one priority. WHMEasyBackup offers a level of security unavailable in competing products. The simplistic, 5 minute, setup process is just an added bonus for me.

Lyudmila H., St. Petersburg RU
WHMEasyBackup has all the features I want and is very easy to use! Keep up the good work guys.

Arlene D., CA USA
The support received along with WHMEasyBackup is unimaginable for the price. Your friendly support staff has gone above and beyond in helping to setup the script for me. I now have automated daily backups sent directly to my MacBook Pro.

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